Ponds and Their Benefits

Did you know that ponds have many benefits beyond being a decorative addition to your yard? Well if you currently have a pond or are thinking of adding one then read up on these 6 benefits to having a pond. Visual Aesthetic Adding beauty to your backyard is one of the most obvious benefits of …

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Winter Pool Cleaning Tips

This article is currently being written. It will cover everything you really need to know in order to keep your pool well maintained and clean over the winter months. Stay tuned for some great tips and tricks to help you service your pool this coming winter.

Basic Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Tip 1 Skimming the pool’s surface by hand every few days is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your pool clean. Floating debris will eventually sink, becoming harder to remove. Use a long-handled net called a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to remove leaves, bugs and other unwanted items. Skimming significantly increases …

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